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My main job is writing for the Living section of TreeHugger, looking primarily at food politics, the locavore movement, health, green beauty, and anything relating to running a green, sustainably-focused household.

I used to post each article in this section, but now that I’m writing on a daily basis, I simply can’t keep up. So, I encourage you instead to pop over to TreeHugger and check out the many fun articles I’ve been writing. There’s lots of other awesome, inspiring stuff there, too, so enjoy! Visit


One thought on “TreeHugger Posts

  1. Hi Katherine, I went to the treehugger site to review recent Nature Conservancy story on the Morro Bay Community Quota Fund and your july 18 story on “six horrifying facts about Seafood production” popped up. I read your story, appreciate the good writing and share much of your disgust at many world fisheries and the current state of the Seafood Market. But I also think that many US fisheries don’t get enough credit, since the changing of our National Fisheries Management Law to the Sustainable Fisheries Act in 1996 US regulators must protect essential habitat, use the precautionary principle and best available science to insure that fish harvested by US boats are from healthy stocks. Sure there are still problems, of the eight regional management councils some do better than others, but here on the west coast most commercial fishing operations that have survived are family owned and working hard to do things right. For example Morro Bay fisherman Tom Hafer uses a 40 foot boat to catch spot prawns with pots, with virtually no bycatch or habitat impacts. Our west coast trawl fleet now operates with 100% accountability and very little bycatch or discards. If you would like to know more about some good stories to tell in fisheries, please contact me.

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