PerSisters Redux

The reason I was in Toronto on Saturday was for the official launch of Geez magazine’s PerSisters issue. I was asked to be on a panel with three other contributors that would discuss the intersection of feminism and theology with an audience. (You can see the article I contributed here.) We panelists were all given […]

The world needs a zero-tolerance policy on rape

I was deeply saddened to see the news headlines about Rehtaeh Parsons’ recent suicide. I ache for her teenage sufferings that made death more attractive than life and for her poor family, left behind and feeling sick about losing her. Even more, though, I feel rage at the thought that we live in a world […]

So are YOU a feminist?

After two wonderful weeks of travelling all over Ontario to visit family and friends, as well as entertaining people in our home, it feels really good to have a quiet weekend with nothing on the schedule — nothing other than these couple of hours alone in the café to satisfy my craving for writing. Believe […]

my issue with a modesty-obsessed upbringing

As we flipped through some pictures from my recent trip, my mom couldn’t resist making a little jab: “Oh, you’re wearing your slip!” She was commenting on my white cotton summer dress with thin straps and short hemline. Though she said it jokingly, I knew what she was thinking — that my dress was inappropriate […]