An old-fashioned Christmas carol sing

Today marked the true beginning of the Christmas holidays. I can feel that jubilant festive spirit in my heart, and I suddenly feel more excited about Christmas than I have for the past month. And it’s thanks to some wonderful, joyful songs that filled my community this afternoon. I came up with the idea for […]

Out Loud and A Cappella

When I started kindergarten at age six, I didn’t know the words to O Canada.  Every morning the entire school would assemble in the cramped hallway of the four-classroom school, arranged according to grade, and Mrs. Macdonald would play an introduction on the old piano that was tucked just inside the door of the nearest […]

Surrounded by Song

The singing two-year-old is a truly wonderful creature.  At the moment, he is composing a ballad about fire engines at the top of his lungs while reading a book called “Garbage Trucks.”  His arpeggios are quite impressive, I must say.  As he flips through the book, he sings what he must be thinking about: “That’s […]