The Victorian Vagina

Last night I had a few girlfriends over to watch Hysteria, which is an entertaining film about a real-life Victorian doctor who invents a treatment for ‘hysterical’ women. He administers an orgasm, either manually or with a newly invented vibrating device, and the women instantly relax, while all symptoms of hysteria disappear. The underlying humour of […]

Why I don’t think God is an anti-sex Zeus hurling lightning bolts at any sign of lust

There’s a magic formula I was taught as a kid that claimed to guarantee lifelong happiness: If you (1) don’t have premarital sex, (2) marry a Christian, and (3) raise your kids in the church, then you will live happily ever after. I believed it for years, struggling to follow the rules because who wants […]

my issue with a modesty-obsessed upbringing

As we flipped through some pictures from my recent trip, my mom couldn’t resist making a little jab: “Oh, you’re wearing your slip!” She was commenting on my white cotton summer dress with thin straps and short hemline. Though she said it jokingly, I knew what she was thinking — that my dress was inappropriate […]