The Victorian Vagina

Last night I had a few girlfriends over to watch Hysteria, which is an entertaining film about a real-life Victorian doctor who invents a treatment for ‘hysterical’ women. He administers an orgasm, either manually or with a newly invented vibrating device, and the women instantly relax, while all symptoms of hysteria disappear. The underlying humour of […]

Why I don’t think God is an anti-sex Zeus hurling lightning bolts at any sign of lust

There’s a magic formula I was taught as a kid that claimed to guarantee lifelong happiness: If you (1) don’t have premarital sex, (2) marry a Christian, and (3) raise your kids in the church, then you will live happily ever after. I believed it for years, struggling to follow the rules because who wants […]

Dear Vatican: please cut the pelvic orthodoxy!

Dear Vatican, Just before you convene to elect a new pope, why not use this opportunity to make some unprecedented changes within the Church? We all know there are major problems with your institution and cleaning up your act is really only going to make you more likeable, so why not give it a shot? […]