A Mother’s Letter to Her Son on the First Day of School

Dearest little child, It was with a mixture of joy and sadness that I kissed you goodbye outside your classroom this morning. Thank goodness you made it easy for me. Your confidence and excitement about this new chapter were infectious, and your words of reassurance filled me with pride: “Don’t cry, Mama,” you said. “I’ll […]

Lessons from a Sardinian High School

When I went to Sardinia for my year-long student exchange in high school, one of the biggest shocks was adapting to a totally new education system. Italian kids go to school on Saturday mornings, in addition to the rest of the week, which outraged my ingrained sense of entitlement to a full two-day weekend. The […]

Junior Kindergarten Dis-Orientation

“This is not going to be exciting.” These were A.’s words to me as we got out of the car to attend a Junior Kindergarten orientation last night. He must have had some kind of premonition because, from the moment we stepped into the gym, he started acting weird. My normally rational child refused to listen or […]

Why I’ve got the junior kindergarten jitters

We registered our son for junior kindergarten next September. I’m far more nervous about it than he is. In fact, he’s quite excited at the prospect of going to “big kid school” and points it out every time we walk by. On the other hand, I feel quite apprehensive. My concerns are more academic than […]