When old words come to life again

My brother Graham is about to embark on a life-changing experience. He was accepted for the Rotary International student exchange program and will spend his next school year in Belgium. I’m especially excited because he’s following in my footsteps. I did a year-long Rotary exchange to Sardinia, Italy, way back in 2003-04, and hearing about […]

Lessons from a Sardinian High School

When I went to Sardinia for my year-long student exchange in high school, one of the biggest shocks was adapting to a totally new education system. Italian kids go to school on Saturday mornings, in addition to the rest of the week, which outraged my ingrained sense of entitlement to a full two-day weekend. The […]

The Jean Jacket

I wore my jean jacket to nursery school drop-off this morning. Admittedly, I was feeling fashionably courageous, pairing it with a new skirt, leather boots, and a funky scarf. As soon as I shrugged myself into its familiar shape, little A. yelled, “Whoa, it looks like jeans! What are you wearing, Mama?” He’s never seen […]