Gilgamesh, my son’s literary hero

My oldest son A. has the typical four-year-old male’s obsession with violence of any kind. Despite my admonishments and countless reminders that “guns aren’t nice” and “please don’t talk like that,” his fascination and desire with all things violent seems to be innate. Every other mother I’ve spoken to verifies this fact, saying that no […]

TreeHugger: Why Strollers Are Making Kids Passive, Uninquisitive and Fat

I’m loving my new job as a writer for TreeHugger. I thought today’s post about strollers and parenting would be of interest to many of my family-oriented readers, so that’s why I’m posting the link here. Enjoy! Strollers are a hot topic these days, and for many different reasons. Some people want to ban strollers, […]

Powerful Facebook Mamas

It’s easy to brush off Facebook as being a silly time-waster that fills one’s mind with inane details about other people’s lives that nobody needs to know. However, I’ve noticed that Facebook has something else going on, beyond its distractions and gossip. I think it is satisfying a hunger for community in stay-at-home mothers. Perhaps […]