Our Family “Staycation”

As soon as my husband booked off two weeks for vacation at the end of August, I started brainstorming and researching potential destinations for a family trip. “Let’s go to Quebec City… or maybe Montreal, since it’s a bit closer. What do you think of Boston? Hey, how about Chicago? I’ve never been there.” But […]

It’s the Marital Bed, NOT the Family Bed

The current issue of Macleans has an eye-catching photo on the front. A family of four is crammed into a double bed; it looks horribly uncomfortable. The headline is “Battle of the Bed.” I am intrigued by the article, which has a pleasantly balanced perspective and looks at how co-sleeping affects “reactive” sleepers — those […]

Turning Four

My oldest little guy, A., turns four today. I’m probably experiencing what every mother does on her child’s birthday – disbelief that time has flown so quickly and that my squalling, red-faced, wrinkled raisin of a newborn has metamorphosed into this beautiful boy so full of personality. We’re currently at a stage where the questions […]

An Unforgettable Trip to the Zoo

Some days stay in my mind forever and the same will be true of yesterday. I planned a spontaneous surprise for the family. Saturday morning dawned sunny and thankfully much cooler than it’s been lately. We left at 7:30 a.m. and drove for two hours until we got to Elmvale, which is a little town […]

The Morning After Party

Hosting parties takes on a different meaning once you’ve got kids. While everyone else is calmly sleeping off their over-indulgence and enjoying a lazy Sunday morning in bed, this is what’s really happening back at our place. (Warning: you won’t be jealous.) 1:30 a.m.        The last guest leaves after a great party on our […]