A Morning Meditation on the Beach

This is my new summer goal — to wean myself off a dependency on wireless connections when I take time to write. Instead of thinking I need a world’s worth of information at my fingertips, I’ll withdraw to places of solitude in nature where the wireless connections don’t reach (or maybe they do, but I […]

Giving it all up for a cabin in the bush

When I was two years old and my new baby sister was only a few months old, my parents decided they’d had enough of the professional life in the city. Mom was a high school French teacher on maternity leave and didn’t feel like going back to work. Dad was a research chemist who travelled […]

Baby Birds

There’s a robin’s nest perched under the eaves of our garage, sheltered by an unruly rose bush. Every spring, I wait for the mama robin to arrive. She built her nest the first spring we moved into our house. I watched her fly awkwardly with long pieces of dried grass and twigs, somehow forcing them […]