An old-fashioned Christmas carol sing

Today marked the true beginning of the Christmas holidays. I can feel that jubilant festive spirit in my heart, and I suddenly feel more excited about Christmas than I have for the past month. And it’s thanks to some wonderful, joyful songs that filled my community this afternoon. I came up with the idea for […]

The musical journey has begun

There are days when I still have trouble believing I’m someone’s mom. Then something will happen that really drives that point home, such as yesterday, when I took my four-year-old son to his first violin lesson. For ten years, from age 6 to 16, I was the one standing in front of a music stand […]

The Busker Sisters

Throughout our teen years, my sister and I formed a musical duo called Cadenza.  I played violin and Sarah Jane played cello. Aided by the fact that we lived in cottage country, music became our main summer job for a number of years. We played at weddings and receptions every weekend. We serenaded guests at […]