The musical journey has begun

There are days when I still have trouble believing I’m someone’s mom. Then something will happen that really drives that point home, such as yesterday, when I took my four-year-old son to his first violin lesson. For ten years, from age 6 to 16, I was the one standing in front of a music stand […]

The Busker Sisters

Throughout our teen years, my sister and I formed a musical duo called Cadenza.  I played violin and Sarah Jane played cello. Aided by the fact that we lived in cottage country, music became our main summer job for a number of years. We played at weddings and receptions every weekend. We serenaded guests at […]

Wanted: 1 Violin Teacher, Please!

I’m undergoing a small crisis regarding my children’s musical education. A. is going to be four this year, which means he’s considered ‘ripe’ for starting his classical musical training. The only problem is, where and how? We live in a small town with relatively few resources for giving my kids the lessons I want them […]