The Morning After Party

Hosting parties takes on a different meaning once you’ve got kids. While everyone else is calmly sleeping off their over-indulgence and enjoying a lazy Sunday morning in bed, this is what’s really happening back at our place. (Warning: you won’t be jealous.) 1:30 a.m.        The last guest leaves after a great party on our […]


“In radical gratitude, the vicious dissatisfaction with life is broken. We begin to recognize what we have, rather than what we don’t.” (Radical Gratitude, Mary Jo Leddy) A beautiful post by Obscure CanLit Mama got me thinking about gratitude. It’s one of those emotions that’s too often forgotten, or relegated to the back of one’s list […]

If I can’t have it all, I’ll have what I love most.

I have a sick little boy who hasn’t gotten up from the couch all day.  Usually he’s running circles around me, so it’s tough to see him so lethargic.  By contrast, the baby has been screaming without the slightest sign of lethargy; in fact, his screams are so energetic that I’m feeling quite frazzled. Days […]