Count Your Blessings

There are some conversations in life that make you stop instantly. They make you view everything in a different light, often putting things into perspective at just the right moment. That happened to me on Thursday. It was a long week, one of those weeks when every day has two or three different activities or […]

Hanging out with sharks in Toronto

Needing a quick winter getaway, we packed up the kids and headed for Toronto this past weekend. It was a much-needed escape from the snowy prison we currently inhabit up here by Lake Huron, but full of the usual tension and exhaustion that comes with going anywhere with two young children! Even though they’re wonderful […]

“Tell me a story about when you were little.”

“Tell me a story about when you were little.” I hear these words each night at bedtime. Four-year-old A. has a new obsession with discovering every little detail about my childhood. Because I have zero talent at making up fictional stories on the spot, a few months ago I started telling him stories about when […]