The Morning After Party

Hosting parties takes on a different meaning once you’ve got kids. While everyone else is calmly sleeping off their over-indulgence and enjoying a lazy Sunday morning in bed, this is what’s really happening back at our place. (Warning: you won’t be jealous.) 1:30 a.m.        The last guest leaves after a great party on our […]

A Singular Sunday (a creative nonfiction story)

8:50 a.m. Chaos. Flying clothes, gargled conversations full of foamy toothpaste, wobbly stacks of syrup-covered plates, a skipping CD on the stereo downstairs (someone yelling at someone to turn it off), stomping feet, a mist of perfume, and, finally, the slamming of multiple car doors like gunfire.  A brief silence, then pounding feet back into the […]