Book Review: “Bring Up The Bodies”

The more wonderful a book is, the more miserable I feel once it’s finished. I think it’s because I bond so intensely with a truly good book for whatever brief and fleeting time we have together, but once that last page turns, our encounter will never be the same again. The book has a personality […]

A Most Unusual Emperor: Thoughts on Gore Vidal’s novel “Julian”

Julian was a Roman emperor in the fourth century, famous for trying to halt the spread of Christianity. I first heard about him in a course I took at university called “The Fall of the Roman Empire and Rise of the Barbarian Tribes.” It was a very good course and my professor, a dashingly energetic […]

Thoughts on “Wolf Hall”

Wow, “Wolf Hall” was a fabulous read. I flipped the final page last night, after three weeks of trying to find time to do the book justice, and felt myself fighting back tears. Not quite sure why — the ending wasn’t overly emotional or dramatic — but I was sorry to see the story end. […]

“Island Beneath The Sea” (Isabel Allende)

Last week I was engrossed in Isabel Allende’s novel, “Island Beneath The Sea.”  I turned the final page during a drive to Toronto and was so spellbound that I had to fight the urge to snap at my husband when he dared ask me a question.  I wanted to cling to that feeling, that indescribable […]