Shopping with jars is easy and waste-free

This is a picture of my glass Mason jars all filled up with the week’s supply of meat. There are chicken breasts, stewing beef, haddock, and cold cuts. My pantry shelves are stocked also with glass jars of oatmeal, sesame and chia seeds, brown rice, raw cashews, and beans. The Zero Waste experiment, as you […]

“Project Zero Waste” has officially begun!

“Project Zero Waste” has commenced! Now, I realize we’re probably not going to be completely zero waste, and I likely won’t be able to achieve quite so complete a waste reduction as Bea Johnson’s family has, especially because I live in the middle of nowhere where they are very few options for alternative-style shopping, compared […]

I can’t get “Zero Waste” out of my mind

I can feel a subtle change starting to manifest itself in my life. Ever since I first heard about Bea Johnson’s ‘Zero Waste’ lifestyle, and wrote about it for Parentables last year, then again for TreeHugger more recently (read my post here), I’ve had a niggling thought in the back of my mind that I […]