The Biggest Little Garden Pests

I’ve been digging in the dirt this week. It’s still unseasonably cold for mid-June (13 Celsius this morning), but I can’t afford to wait for heat any longer. One batch of tomato plants has already been killed by frost, so I pulled them out, bought some new seedlings, and went on a planting spree. Peppers, […]

Garden Therapy

A transformation has taken place in the garden beds surrounding my house. I’ve been tackling them with gusto, inspired by a conversation with my gardener extraordinaire neighbour. She told me to go ahead and clean out the beds: “Start raking so you can see what you’ve got.” Since moving into this house two years ago, I’ve […]

7 Reasons to Plant a Garden with Your Kids

Have you ever thought about planting a garden with your kids? If you’re like me, you’ve probably dreamed of doing it for several years but never really gotten around to making it happen. This year can be different, though, and hopefully these reasons will help us all to understand why gardening is truly a wonderful […]

Lawns into Gardens: an act of horticultural rebellion

I have a goal for this year: to tear up most of the front yard and plant a vegetable garden. We spend all our time in the back, so the front yard is almost never used. It’s south-facing and surrounded by a large cedar hedge, which many people have pointed out is an asset. I […]