Muffins on a Monday

Christmas was beautiful this year, if a bit too mild for my northern tastes. We hosted the extended family in our new place, which was lovely because we finally have some space for the first time ever. There were no lineups for the bathroom, nor any suitcases strewing the dining room floor. I felt more […]

Needing inspiration for school lunches? These healthy, non-packaged ideas may help.

Now that I have a school-aged child, I’ve discovered the joys of having to pack a daily lunch for him. (There is insinuated sarcasm in that sentence, in case you missed it.) At first, I was excited. I bought some cute stainless steel containers with colourful lids, a little reusable water bottle, and stuck them […]

Perfect winter supper: Moroccan-style Chicken & Root Veggie Stew

Tomorrow I’ll pick up our biweekly CSA share of winter vegetables. While I love eating local, seasonal produce, there are days when I don’t know how I’ll face another parsnip or rutabaga or cabbage. There have been a few odds and ends hanging around the bottom of the fridge since the last pickup before Christmas, […]