Perfect winter supper: Moroccan-style Chicken & Root Veggie Stew

Tomorrow I’ll pick up our biweekly CSA share of winter vegetables. While I love eating local, seasonal produce, there are days when I don’t know how I’ll face another parsnip or rutabaga or cabbage. There have been a few odds and ends hanging around the bottom of the fridge since the last pickup before Christmas, […]

Vegetarian Menu Planning :: Attempt No. 1

Our first week of vegetarian experimentation came to a close when I unconsciously popped a piece of spicy Genoa salami in my mouth on Friday night as I prepared an antipasti plate for a friend’s baby shower. I say ‘first week’ because my husband, unbelievably, has agreed to a second week. He claims he’s able to […]

A Recipe for Baked Chicken & Porcini Risotto (that’s almost no work!)

There’s a cookbook I got out of the library a few weeks ago that I never want to take back. Maybe I’ll just keep it on a perpetual cycle of renewals and check-outs. It’s called Simple Dinners by Donna Hay and it is chock-full of recipes that are truly easy, fast, delicious, and surprisingly gourmet. Last night […]

Best Recipe for Pastitsio, a Hearty Family Favourite

I love pastitsio but find it often tastes bland when I make it; at least, it’s bland compared to the flavour explosion that is my friend Marina’s pastitsio. Hers is the true Greek version, full of hearty meat, a thick layer of sauce, and yummy grease that soaks through the pasta, making it impossible to […]