Is There Palm Oil in That?

I’m leaving for Honduras tomorrow morning on an interesting mission — to learn as much as I can about sustainable palm oil farming and production in a few short days. The trip is courtesy of Rainforest Alliance, a great organization that works to improve environmental stewardship and accountability, conserve biodiversity, and make farming sustainable all […]

Let’s stop the destruction: No ATVs on municipal roads!

I grew up in paradise on the shores of a small clean lake in Muskoka, Ontario’s famed cottage country. There are thick forests and cascades of granite along the lake’s edges and the whole area pulsates with wildlife. I share my childhood home with deer, moose, beaver, bullfrogs, snapping turtles, chipmunks, loons, and black bears. […]

A Very Long Bike Ride … across Canada!

My cousin Gillian and her husband Jamie have recently embarked on a very exciting adventure. Two weeks ago they left their home in the Niagara Peninsula, took a train out to Vancouver, BC, and are now in the process of biking home, all the way across Canada. It will take them nearly two months. They’ve […]

A Lesson for Earth Day + a sad little koala

Happy Earth Day. It’s too bad that we even need such a thing. Every day should be an earth day. When April 22 rolls around each year, I picture us humans getting handed a report card with a big red F stamped across it: “FAIL! Now you must observe Earth Day in hopes of increasing […]