Rigorous Regimen :: Geez Magazine

This article first appeared in “Geez” magazine, Summer 2013. It was the “schooling” issue, which looked at the problems with our education system, as well as alternative options such as homeschooling, unschooling, and deschooling. As a former homeschooler, I wrote this piece describing a typical day of “school” at home. I was homeschooled for five […]

Why I’m Opting Out of Full-Time Kindergarten

The province of Ontario is in the process of switching over to full-time kindergarten. That means that all four-year-olds (and three-year-olds who have yet to turn four this year) are supposed to attend junior kindergarten (JK) from 8:45 a.m. until 3:10 p.m. There is no nap or quiet time in the afternoon; it’s a regular […]

Lessons from a Sardinian High School

When I went to Sardinia for my year-long student exchange in high school, one of the biggest shocks was adapting to a totally new education system. Italian kids go to school on Saturday mornings, in addition to the rest of the week, which outraged my ingrained sense of entitlement to a full two-day weekend. The […]

Is Education Ever A Waste?

I’ve been thinking about my university education and speculating. I spent five years of my life paying no small amount of money to read the same books I would read at home anyways, writing essays for teachers whose opinions of my writing seemed to vary greatly, and attending painful three-hour night lectures whose content has failed […]

Boys Need Good Role Models, Too

I was sitting at my computer by 5:40 this morning, putting together my regular Thursday morning post for Parentables, when I made an interesting discovery. There are multiple articles about the importance of role models, but all of them revolve around daughters. Everyone seems to agree that girls need strong role models while growing up, […]