Our “Weekday Vegetarian” Experiment Has Begun with Yummy Quesadillas

This week’s menu planning was slightly more challenging than usual because of the Weekday Vegetarian experiment we’ve decided to try. I did notice immediately that it forced me out of my recipe rut, causing me to pay attention to recipes in my favourite cookbooks that I’ve often overlooked for no good reason. Yesterday’s lunch, which […]

a supper retrospective + recipe for Thai Mango Chicken

I realize I haven’t written about food lately, but it certainly isn’t for lack of cooking. There’s plenty of that going on in our house. It’s just that by the time I sit down at my computer, my brain wants to head in different directions. So here’s our week in suppers: 1. Pan-fried pork chops […]

A Recipe for Baked Chicken & Porcini Risotto (that’s almost no work!)

There’s a cookbook I got out of the library a few weeks ago that I never want to take back. Maybe I’ll just keep it on a perpetual cycle of renewals and check-outs. It’s called Simple Dinners by Donna Hay and it is chock-full of recipes that are truly easy, fast, delicious, and surprisingly gourmet. Last night […]