On Being Mennonite

When people hear that I’m Mennonite, one of two things usually happens. Either they don’t know what ‘Mennonite’ means, which is understandable – it’s a rather obscure term for most people who live outside of certain farming areas of Ontario, Manitoba, and Pennsylvania – or else they look completely shocked and ask, in a rather […]

Why I don’t think God is an anti-sex Zeus hurling lightning bolts at any sign of lust

There’s a magic formula I was taught as a kid that claimed to guarantee lifelong happiness: If you (1) don’t have premarital sex, (2) marry a Christian, and (3) raise your kids in the church, then you will live happily ever after. I believed it for years, struggling to follow the rules because who wants […]

Our mother, who art in heaven…

Last time I was up north visiting my parents, I had tea with my surrogate grandmother. Stephanie is a lovely old British lady who’s now nearing eighty. She is rather concerned about the spiritual wellbeing of my two little boys and inquired if I had a good children’s book of bible stories to read to […]

YES to Ordaining Women in the Catholic Church!

Should women be ordained in the Catholic Church? This was the topic of a very interesting interview I heard on CBC yesterday. A Catholic female lawyer from Manitoba named Therese Koturbash is fighting for women to be ordained in the Catholic Church because she believes it’s time for change, time for the “old men’s club” […]