a plea to parents: feed your kids well!

When I was a kid, I considered children’s menus in restaurants to be terribly offensive. My parents knew enough not to hand it to me and passed me the adult menu instead so I could select the dish of my choice. Not only did I think the over-processed “kid food” was gross, but I also […]

Junior Kindergarten Dis-Orientation

“This is not going to be exciting.” These were A.’s words to me as we got out of the car to attend a Junior Kindergarten orientation last night. He must have had some kind of premonition because, from the moment we stepped into the gym, he started acting weird. My normally rational child refused to listen or […]

Viewing the World through Mom-Coloured Glasses

I woke up crying this morning at 4 a.m. You know those awful, inescapable dreams that seem so real? I was watching a little four-year-old girl in a classroom get bullied for the way she spoke. Innocently, with a shy smile, she repeated the horrible things that the kids told her to say, but then […]