“Tell me a story about when you were little.”

“Tell me a story about when you were little.” I hear these words each night at bedtime. Four-year-old A. has a new obsession with discovering every little detail about my childhood. Because I have zero talent at making up fictional stories on the spot, a few months ago I started telling him stories about when […]

Party at the Church!

My four-year-old is at his first-ever week of Vacation Bible School (VBS). It’s unlike anything he’s ever seen before — a huge crowd of enthusiastic kids with loud, catchy music and a church that’s decked out in medieval castle-themed decor. There are ‘stone’ walls, turrets, a drawbridge, and leaders wearing crowns and robes. He is […]

10 Beautiful Rhymes & Lullabies for Bedtime

Every night when I tuck my little guys into bed, they ask for “Lullaby” and “Child.” The first is Brahms’ beautiful lullaby, which my mother sang to me every night of my childhood, and the other is “All through the Night,” another lullaby that I grew up hearing and love even more than the Brahms […]

Turning Four

My oldest little guy, A., turns four today. I’m probably experiencing what every mother does on her child’s birthday – disbelief that time has flown so quickly and that my squalling, red-faced, wrinkled raisin of a newborn has metamorphosed into this beautiful boy so full of personality. We’re currently at a stage where the questions […]

Boys Need Good Role Models, Too

I was sitting at my computer by 5:40 this morning, putting together my regular Thursday morning post for Parentables, when I made an interesting discovery. There are multiple articles about the importance of role models, but all of them revolve around daughters. Everyone seems to agree that girls need strong role models while growing up, […]