Literary Adventures in May

Reading was a bit of a slog during the month of May. I’m going to blame it on the warm weather and a busy calendar, both of which distract me from reading. In order to get through books at the rate I’d like, I depend on uninterrupted evenings of peace and quiet, and god knows […]

What I’ve Read in February

It was a good month for reading. I’m keeping well on track with my resolution to read 52 books by the end of 2013 (12 complete already!), but I’m also enjoying the personal challenge just to keep reading. I used to go through cycles where I’d read fanatically for a few weeks, then not have […]

“The Juliet Stories” – book review

Sometimes, when I read books, I catch glimpses of myself.  It’s as if someone has been spying on me and used bits and pieces of my thoughts, my behaviour, my characteristics, in a book they’ve written about someone else.  It’s a mirror image that isn’t really one, but gives me plenty to think about. This […]