I’m So Happy To Be Canadian

Yesterday was Canada Day, so I’m technically a day late to be singing the praises of the greatest country in the world. But then I realized that every day is Canada Day and worthy of celebration, so it really doesn’t matter that I’m writing a patriotic post on July 2. We spent the long weekend […]

Oh Canada, We’re Not All Idiots

If you’re in Canada and you buy a coffee to go, chances are you’ll see some fine print somewhere on the takeout cup: “Warning: Contents could be very hot” or something like that. Every time I see those words, my blood pressure rises. You don’t say! I want to shout at no one in particular. […]

Morgentaler’s Gift to Feminism

Twenty-five years ago yesterday, the Supreme Court of Canada struck down a law that prevented women from being able to chose an abortion if they wanted one. Though abortion had already been decriminalized in Canada in 1969, the procedure was available only to women whose requests were approved by the Therapeutic Abortion Committee. Dr. Henry […]

The Allure of ‘Active’ Activism

I can’t help but wonder if we live in a world that is so saturated with virtual action that we crave true, real-life action above all else.  There are so many chances to become passive activists that we cease to take social issues seriously anymore or, even if we do, just wish we could go […]