“What Happened to Anna K.” (book review)

I stayed up late last night to finish reading What Happened to Anna K. by Irina Reyn. It is a modern take on Anna Karenina that was a surprisingly great read. So often these ‘updated’ versions of classics fall terribly short of the books they’re trying to emulate, which is why I usually avoid them, but this one was […]

What’s with these Victorian heroines?

I just finished reading North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell, a Victorian novel published by instalments in 1854-1855 in a literary magazine edited by Charles Dickens. It’s been turned into a movie that my female cousins and sisters were swooning over at Christmastime, saying it’s far more romantic than Pride and Prejudice, so I decided to do the proper […]

So are YOU a feminist?

After two wonderful weeks of travelling all over Ontario to visit family and friends, as well as entertaining people in our home, it feels really good to have a quiet weekend with nothing on the schedule — nothing other than these couple of hours alone in the café to satisfy my craving for writing. Believe […]

Book Review: “Bring Up The Bodies”

The more wonderful a book is, the more miserable I feel once it’s finished. I think it’s because I bond so intensely with a truly good book for whatever brief and fleeting time we have together, but once that last page turns, our encounter will never be the same again. The book has a personality […]