Addictive Fear

“We had bought ourselves a radio that we could listen to all day long now that we were living in a house wired for electricity. At first I thought that was just grand, but it meant that for the first time I was also listening to the news every day, and about every day, it […]

Declaration of War against the Candy Rack

At the store checkout yesterday, A. kept grabbing at chocolate bars and packages of gum until I snapped at him, at which point he erupted into a full-blown tantrum. I struggled to finish the transaction with a screaming, writhing child hanging off one arm, another trying to climb out of the shopping cart, and an […]

The Inspiring World of Mommy Travel Blogs

A few weeks ago, I was telling someone about our upcoming trip with the little kids. She looked at me, shocked: “How old are they?” I told her their ages and she gave me a look of visible disapproval. “Yeah… I’m not really a big fan of mixing airplanes and babies. It’s not fair to […]