An Unforgettable Trip to the Zoo

Some days stay in my mind forever and the same will be true of yesterday. I planned a spontaneous surprise for the family. Saturday morning dawned sunny and thankfully much cooler than it’s been lately. We left at 7:30 a.m. and drove for two hours until we got to Elmvale, which is a little town […]

Baby Birds

There’s a robin’s nest perched under the eaves of our garage, sheltered by an unruly rose bush. Every spring, I wait for the mama robin to arrive. She built her nest the first spring we moved into our house. I watched her fly awkwardly with long pieces of dried grass and twigs, somehow forcing them […]

No, your dog is not special!

I can’t stop thinking about a tragic incident I read in the news last week.  A family’s pet husky attacked a newborn baby and it died as a result.  The family, obviously, is heartbroken, but now there’s a whole debate over why the animal did it.  “We can’t explain the attack,” the family said.  Funny, […]