We can’t go to Europe without Paleo Kits!

Last summer my packing skills were put to the test when Jason and I took the boys, aged 3 and 10 months at the time, to Croatia and Italy for three weeks. We had to be able to carry everything simultaneously, and keep both children contained, so that meant paring down and packing as efficiently […]

The Morning After Party

Hosting parties takes on a different meaning once you’ve got kids. While everyone else is calmly sleeping off their over-indulgence and enjoying a lazy Sunday morning in bed, this is what’s really happening back at our place. (Warning: you won’t be jealous.) 1:30 a.m.        The last guest leaves after a great party on our […]

The infamous family camping trip to Newfoundland

It’s that time of year. I’ve been thinking about summer vacation and wondering what we can do as a family to get away without spending a boatload of money. Camping is pretty much the only option, but camping with kids is hard. We did a two-week trip to the Maritimes in 2011 with an almost-two-year-old […]