Count Your Blessings

There are some conversations in life that make you stop instantly. They make you view everything in a different light, often putting things into perspective at just the right moment. That happened to me on Thursday. It was a long week, one of those weeks when every day has two or three different activities or […]

The beckoning beaches of the northeast

Our days here feel lazy and languorous. That’s partly due to the relentless heat. The temperature sits around 30 to 35 degrees Celsius, sometimes climbing closer to 40 C, and the toughest thing is that it doesn’t cool off at night. Although the sun ceases to beat down, the heat remains oppressive. The other reason […]

The Summer of Quiet Peace

Quite a few years ago I had an argument with my mother in which she accused me of not knowing how to be alone with myself. As a twenty-year-old social butterfly who went out four or five times a week downtown Toronto, I took great offense to her observation. How dare she impose her old-lady […]