Is There Palm Oil in That?

I’m leaving for Honduras tomorrow morning on an interesting mission — to learn as much as I can about sustainable palm oil farming and production in a few short days. The trip is courtesy of Rainforest Alliance, a great organization that works to improve environmental stewardship and accountability, conserve biodiversity, and make farming sustainable all […]

Hanging out with sharks in Toronto

Needing a quick winter getaway, we packed up the kids and headed for Toronto this past weekend. It was a much-needed escape from the snowy prison we currently inhabit up here by Lake Huron, but full of the usual tension and exhaustion that comes with going anywhere with two young children! Even though they’re wonderful […]

Shopping with jars is easy and waste-free

This is a picture of my glass Mason jars all filled up with the week’s supply of meat. There are chicken breasts, stewing beef, haddock, and cold cuts. My pantry shelves are stocked also with glass jars of oatmeal, sesame and chia seeds, brown rice, raw cashews, and beans. The Zero Waste experiment, as you […]