Hanging out with sharks in Toronto

Needing a quick winter getaway, we packed up the kids and headed for Toronto this past weekend. It was a much-needed escape from the snowy prison we currently inhabit up here by Lake Huron, but full of the usual tension and exhaustion that comes with going anywhere with two young children! Even though they’re wonderful […]

Gilgamesh, my son’s literary hero

My oldest son A. has the typical four-year-old male’s obsession with violence of any kind. Despite my admonishments and countless reminders that “guns aren’t nice” and “please don’t talk like that,” his fascination and desire with all things violent seems to be innate. Every other mother I’ve spoken to verifies this fact, saying that no […]

Needing inspiration for school lunches? These healthy, non-packaged ideas may help.

Now that I have a school-aged child, I’ve discovered the joys of having to pack a daily lunch for him. (There is insinuated sarcasm in that sentence, in case you missed it.) At first, I was excited. I bought some cute stainless steel containers with colourful lids, a little reusable water bottle, and stuck them […]

a plea to parents: feed your kids well!

When I was a kid, I considered children’s menus in restaurants to be terribly offensive. My parents knew enough not to hand it to me and passed me the adult menu instead so I could select the dish of my choice. Not only did I think the over-processed “kid food” was gross, but I also […]