An old-fashioned Christmas carol sing


Today marked the true beginning of the Christmas holidays. I can feel that jubilant festive spirit in my heart, and I suddenly feel more excited about Christmas than I have for the past month. And it’s thanks to some wonderful, joyful songs that filled my community this afternoon.

I came up with the idea for an old-fashioned carol sing last week, after writing a blog post about how I miss singing carols at Christmas. Jason, who is usually an enthusiastic supporter of my ideas, was dubious as to whether or not it would fly. “You’d probably a handful of people, but I won’t be there. I am not going to stand on the main street of town and sing. Sorry, but that’s asking too much.” So I pitched the idea to Facebook and got a surprisingly enthusiastic response from my local friends.

It was a perfect afternoon for carol singing, with snow falling softly from the sky. The forecasted freezing rain held off, thankfully. Much to my delight, a big crowd of people appeared and I handed out all 35 copies of lyrics. After a few songs, someone showed up from the toy store and passed around a half-dozen wooden slide whistles for kids to play; others produced bells. We parents sang our hearts out while our kids played instruments — or joined the raging snowball fight on the other side of the tree.


(Jason did agree to come, though he refused to sing. He said he was too busy babysitting, which I suppose is a legitimate excuse, considering that our older son was hurling snowballs and wielding icicle swords. The younger one stood beside me, happily shaking his “jingle bells.”)

The response afterwards was overwhelmingly positive. I don’t know whether it was the carols that people loved most, or whether the simple act of coming together as members of a community to celebrate the holiday in such a classic, festive way made it feel so special. Regardless, the carol sing will certainly become an annual tradition.

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4 thoughts on “An old-fashioned Christmas carol sing

  1. That is fantastic! Congratulations on a successful carol singing event. My feeling is that we shouldn’t think about Christmas until more or less a week before. If we aren’t totally fixated on gifts, then a week is plenty of time to decorate the house and organize a wonderful dinner.

  2. Let’s laminate those song cards next year. That way kiddos with snowy mitts won’t ruin them and we can reuse them 🙂

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