Our new foyer: DIY for under $100

I’m not much of a DIYer, unless a project relates to food. In that case, I’m all over it. But hand me a paint brush, some carpentry tools, fabric, or even a stack of picture frames to hang, and I go into panic mode. I have some latent, makeshift DIY skills hidden somewhere deep down inside, but they appear only when something big happens… such as THIS:

Snow, snow, snow!
Snow, snow, and more snow!

When the snow arrived early this year, I realized that our indoor organization needed to improve drastically and quickly. Our century home has a single small closet on the main floor that’s as far from the front and back doors as it could possibly be, and involves traipsing through kitchen, dining room, and living room in order to reach — not at all conducive to snow-covered children.

For the past three winters, we’ve made do with this distant closet, a coat tree in ‘formal’ front foyer, and a clunky wooden shelf that I built years ago that always got piled high with random crap. Our boots stayed outside on the uninsulated back porch, where the snow never melted and effectively chilled our feet whenever it came time to get dressed. The overall effect was one of ugliness and messiness — not to mention the inconvenience of having to run to three opposite ends of the house (coat tree, closet, and porch) in order to dress the kids to go outside. Something had to change this year.

So I poked around on Pinterest, got some ideas, and decided to build a shelf. No stores I visited in the area sold big enough shelves, so I purchased two 7-foot lengths of pine, some matching brackets, and sturdy cast-iron coat hooks. I proceeded to paint the wood several coats of dark purple that matches our outer doors, then I enlisted Jason’s help to assemble the shelf and install it on the wall in our front foyer.

Husbands are so very helpful to have around.
Husbands are so very helpful.

Then I bought woven Laotian baskets from Ten Thousand Villages (which turned out to be much bigger than I’d thought, but that’s OK). I also painted a wooden shoe shelf to match. The final result is a dramatic improvement:

Finally, some order!

Best of all, the entire project cost less than $100!

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3 thoughts on “Our new foyer: DIY for under $100

  1. That is wonderful! I like the basket idea. I am in the middle of re-doing my mud room to be more functional for winter as well….and of course the snow came in the middle of the project! Hope to be done next week 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!

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