An Invisible Bike Helmet… seriously!

I love it when people forward me interesting links and articles. When my friend Jesse read the TreeHugger post I wrote about the “Velib” bike-share program in Paris, she sent me this article about an invisible bike helmet that’s been developed in Sweden.

“Yeah, right,” I thought when I saw the picture. So then I watched the “teaser” Vimeo clip. I recommend you watch it, since it’s so interesting, and the truth gets revealed at the end:

Isn’t that amazing? The “Hovding” has passed the same safety tests as regular helmets and has also won a top design prize. My immediate thought was, “I want to get one of these!” But then I discovered it costs $500 and can’t be used again after it inflates. I’m not sure how it prevents inflation from hitting potholes or other bumps, but that price tag is a bit steep for me.

I do, however, have trouble wrapping my head around the fact that wearing a big collar is that much different than an actual helmet. Sure, it doesn’t mess up your hair, but it might not coordinate with an outfit, or it may be hot and bulky in summertime, or not warm enough in winter. It poses its own complications, just as a helmet does. Regardless, it’s still an interesting concept, and I love this line from the clip: “Cars are so yesterday. Bikes are the future.”

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3 thoughts on “An Invisible Bike Helmet… seriously!

    1. As an urban planner, I really like this part of the article you linked: “Design, of course, is inarguably important in the ongoing quest to improve cyclist safety, but design should be focused on roads, not fancy gadgets. As the Dutch and the Danes learned a long time ago, the goal is to build a city where no one feels that a helmet is necessary.”

      1. Agreed! I noticed that line, too, and think it’s very accurate. Unfortunately the cities/towns have a long way to go to making me feel comfortable riding without a helmet.

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