O come, o come, all ye trick-or-treaters!

Oh, yay. Tomorrow is Halloween.

I learned my lesson after last year’s debacle with the homemade witch costume. It melted in the rain, which, come to think of it, is quite fitting. So this year we are using non-homemade costumes in hopes of having a better time all around. The oldest child’s Optimus Prime outfit arrived on our doorstep yesterday, borrowed from a kind friend. It made his day when he got home from school and saw it. The youngest child will be wearing the old tiger suit. It’s been around the block a few times (ha!) but, hey, he’s not even two yet, so I don’t think he’ll mind.

The kids aren't so sure if they're having fun. This is Halloween 2012.
The kids aren’t so sure if they’re having fun. This is Halloween 2012.

For the past two years since buying our house in a residential area, I’ve waited eagerly on Halloween night for the trick-or-treaters to show up. Since I grew up in the forest with no neighbours, I never got to experience the doorbell ringing and a parade of adorable or creepy costumes showing up with open bags. The first year, I enthusiastically made dozens of bags of caramel popcorn. We got one knock, from our neighbour around the corner who wanted to meet us. The second year, there wasn’t a single knock, but I managed to hand out one chocolate ghost when I met another neighbour with his kid on the street and begged them to come in. The rest of the chocolate ghosts sat in the cupboard for weeks, glaring morosely at me, as if they resented their abandonment, until I stuffed them into my family’s stockings at Christmas.

I have no idea what the problem is. There aren’t a lot of kids in the neighbourhood, but there are some. I’ve seen groups of kids walking past, and the streets are busy when my boys go trick-or-treating early in the evening, so what is it about my house that makes them not want to come in? We’ve got lights on, but there’s not a lot of Halloween décor. Perhaps the fact that they have to walk through a gate, onto the back patio, and into the porch in order to knock is a deterrent. No, I must be overanalyzing this. Won’t kids go almost anywhere for candy? Or was I the only such child?!

Well, I’m not giving up hope yet. I found this delicious-looking recipe for “Almond Joy Candy Bars” and will make a batch today. Don’t they look delicious?

via Food52
photo: Food52

I’m all for bringing back the homemade Halloween treats, though it’s a good idea to have some nut-free, pre-packaged options on hand, too. So if you live in town and like the combination of coconut, chocolate, and almonds, do come by. I promise you won’t go away empty-handed, since I will hand out treats to kids and parents!

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5 thoughts on “O come, o come, all ye trick-or-treaters!

  1. I am catching a plane now so I can knock on your door and help you out with those treats! In Scotland we have guising and it’s a bit different to Trick or Treating. Kids have to perform for their money – a poem, a joke, a song or all three. I’ve faithfully stuck to that in England and over here in Qatar, although the boys would prefer to do the American version.
    Off to duct tape some outfits together.
    Oh, re the peanut butter, I do use a food processor. And the texture is very different to the regular shop bought stuff. It’s the same texture as Meridian’s peanut butter but even better (Meridian is a wholefood brand, don’t know if you get it over where you are). I make mine with salt not sugar, but you can add honey if anyone has a sweet tooth.

  2. Yes, its the gate + patio + lack of decor. Not everyone celebrates this holiday and kids know it. Plus, a lot of parents tell kids not to eat homemade treats given to them by strangers. Luckily, I’m not afraid of your house or your cooking 😉

  3. The trick to attracting kids is light up your house really brightly and put decorations ect ( to a cheezy degree) out front…they’ll go out if their way to hit your house….. Good luck.
    Ps. Your fam. Is adorable

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