Happy birthday to my husband!


Jason turns 32 today. He’s a pretty awesome guy and I’m more than a little crazy about him. We met six years ago at the Hard Rock Café in Toronto on an unforgettable night when we both looked at each other and thought, “Now there’s a redhead I’m attracted to.” Dating another redhead was something we’d both vowed never to do, but life has a funny way of twisting those expectations. Now we’re married — and parents, with one little redhead and an even smaller blond (can’t quite explain that one!).

Jason is an electrical engineer with a serious, rational brain that never ceases to amaze me. He can step back to assess any problem with calm logic, while I weep or rage (or do a bit of both) at his side. We provide a good balance for each other. He has gotten more sentimental and I’ve become more coolheaded in my reactions since we’ve been together.

Recently Jason started coaching part-time at our CrossFit gym. I love attending his classes. It’s a very strange experience to watch my husband, whom I know so well, demonstrate such complex and detailed knowledge about fitness and weightlifting. I am aware that he’s knowledgeable and passionate about these things, but apart from the occasional piece of advice or explanation that he gives me, there’s never been an opportunity for him to put his knowledge into practice around me.

When he’s coaching, our roles shift into foreign territory. Suddenly he’s an expert and I’m a student/client. We are in a professional setting where I don’t expect to get special treatment. I just hang out in the background and watch him interact with the rest of the class. He almost becomes a different person and I’m left wondering, “Who is this guy?!” while simultaneously thinking, “Dang, he’s hot.”

Jason is able to make me laugh with the most subtle comments and observations. His ability to impersonate anyone – and I mean anyone – is both creepy and hilarious. Everyone is his comedic victim. He makes life funny and lighthearted and he is the most optimistic, upbeat guy I’ve ever met. Not a day goes by that I don’t feel lucky to have met him and honoured to be married to him. The rest of my life, a.k.a. eternity, is going to be a blast with him by my side.

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6 thoughts on “Happy birthday to my husband!

  1. The little one is stawberry blonde – don’t kid yourself 😉 I won’t write anything about how awesome Jason is because my husband will get simultaneously jealous and glassy-eyed (and then I’ll get jealous), but I will say that you’re a lucky girl!

    Happy birthday Jay!

  2. Wow. No words. Thank you so much baby, from the bottom of my heart. I love you and am lucky to have you in my life 🙂

    Now, of course, the bar has been significantly raised for me to deliver on your birthday, but I have a few months to figure that out!

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