“Living My Best Life” ::: a guest post

Today I am very excited to present a guest post written by my friend Kris, who has had some pretty big changes in her life recently. Kris is a fantasy/sci-fi-genre writer. She’s married to a guy named Ray and has two great kids. Kris is one courageous lady and an inspiration to me. I’ll let her take over from here.

Photo: Kris Andrew
Photo: Kris Andrew

I live in a trailer.

More specifically, a 26 foot , 2006 tow behind with my hubby, 2 kids and a dog. Have been for over 2 months.

We sold our nice home right before summer. We’re not living here waiting for another house to be built. We’re not actively searching the market for something else. My hubby didn’t lose his job. We chose to live here.

I’m a big believer in being the master of your own destiny; if you don’t like something in your life you have the power to change it. It all started last year when I watched I AM, a documentary by director Tom Shadyac. Basically, it tells his story of having it all and not being any happier for it. That was me! I had a nice house. 2 cars. 2 kids and a loving hubby, but I wasn’t any happier. In fact, I was stressed out.

Turns out my hubby felt the same way.

Then last December my aunt died. She had a brain tumor. She left behind 3 kids. Death has a funny way of making you think about your life. I started thinking, how do I want to spend my time here on earth before I go? What legacy did I want to leave behind for my children and grandchildren? Was I living my best life?

Simple answer, no. I wasn’t. I wasn’t necessarily unhappy, but my life didn’t feel real, if that makes any sense.

The more Hubby and I talked, it became clear we were living a life we thought were supposed to, not one we wanted.

*I should mention having my hubby completely with me on this makes it sweeter and also makes me feel less like a crazy person.*

First thing that needed to change — the house. It needed to go. Then the stuff in the house needed to go too. After 9 years of home ownership (including 2 homes) it felt more like a burden. What to do next went through a few revisions, but we came to the decision that buying a trailer and living a nomadic life in our hometown seemed the way to go.

As of June 28th, we were no longer home owners. I must say a big thank you to the people who bought our house; you helped make our dreams come true, and maybe we made yours come true too.

We told a few people about our new adventure. The responses ranged from “That’s so brave of you” to “Are you nuts?” I like to think we’re a bit of both. The money we’re saving is being put under our mattress. We’d like to travel or maybe in several years find our little piece of paradise. Maybe both.

This all comes down to being free. Being happy. Being true to yourself and the ones you love. Living the best life you can. I didn’t get a chance to ask my aunt if she felt like she lived her best life; I can only hope that when my time comes I will shout an enthusiastic, HELL YA!

Also, the kids are having a great time. So much so, my daughter wants to do this for 7 years. We’ll see about that when she’s 12.

Here are a few things that have inspired us to make our change.


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5 thoughts on ““Living My Best Life” ::: a guest post

  1. The YouTube clip “If money were no object” actually choked me up this morning. I showed it to Jason, who has been feeling frustrated at work lately. It’s inspiring, but also a bit unsettling, making me question some of the decisions we’re making in regard to our lifestyle. I also want to choose our “best life.”

  2. Ray has that you tube clip bookmarked on his phone. He loves and hates at the same time, but listens to it when he needs a little inspiration. I like it because it’s true. I’m all for anything that makes you take a step back and ask, are you are happy?

  3. I am heartened to see people who have the courage and imagination to live the life of their choosing, rather than just following the crowd. That’s what freedom is, I think. Good for you guys!

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