A Mother’s Letter to Her Son on the First Day of School

Dearest little child,

It was with a mixture of joy and sadness that I kissed you goodbye outside your classroom this morning. Thank goodness you made it easy for me. Your confidence and excitement about this new chapter were infectious, and your words of reassurance filled me with pride: “Don’t cry, Mama,” you said. “I’ll be right across the street, and if you feel too sad, you can just look over and see me.” Then I heard you whispering to your little brother, “Guess what! Today I’m going to school and I’m so excited.”

You are ready, I know, and I have no doubt that you’ll tackle school with the same intensity with which you approach life on a daily basis. It’s just a bit hard for me to let go. School will teach you many things, and these are the ones I hope most for you.

  • May your innate curiosity never be quelled or shrunk by curricular limitations. Please keep those random, adorable, and intelligent questions coming for the rest of your life. Never stop wondering “why” aloud.
  • May you love learning, revel in the absorption of knowledge, and always hunger for more. Think of school as giving you the tools for learning that you will use for the rest of your life.
  • May books be your best friend forever – an escape in times of sorrow, a source of information when you have intellectual cravings, a friend when you’re feeling lonely. Books are a way to learn the lessons of a thousand lives without doing it all yourself, so never underestimate their power.
  • May you learn that people are wonderful. I hope you don’t meet unkindness along the way, but if you do, may it not sour your opinion of others. Everyone has their burdens to bear and their reasons for being the way they are. Be patient, loving, and kind yourself.
  • May you always be proud of who you are. Your father and I have raised you to the best of our ability, pouring our hearts and souls into making you the wonderful little boy you are. Remember: There is nothing you can do that will ever stop us from loving you. You’re stuck with us for life!

Your little brother and I will be there to pick you up in a few short hours. I did stand at the window and look across the street when I was feeling really sad, and suddenly your bright red head appeared in the playground. You were playing soccer, and – you were right – I suddenly felt happier. Your brother, on the other hand, keeps trying to run across the street to go get you. He is very confused about why we ‘forgot’ you at school this morning.

I love you so much and am honoured to be your mother. What a privilege it is to watch you grow.


I was OK when Jason took the first picture...
I was OK when your dad took the first picture…
... but then things quickly deteriorated and he took a picture of that, too!
… but then things quickly deteriorated and he took a picture of that, too!

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