The Bizarre Appeal of a CrossFit “Throwdown”

I hang out with weird people whose idea of fun is to work out like maniacs on a Saturday morning when it’s already 30 degrees outside. I mean, who on earth would think to celebrate their gym’s first anniversary by working out more intensely than ever? And yet that’s exactly what we did yesterday. By 10 a.m., I was hauling my butt through a brutally intense team event that included the following:

75 cal on the rower (which ended up being approx. 1500 m)
75 push-ups
75 jumping lunges
75 pull-ups
75 burpees
800 m run carrying a 45-lb barbell
75 box jumps @ 20 inches
75 wall balls @ 14 lbs
75 push press @ 45 lbs
75 knees-to-elbow (hanging from the pull-up bar)
75 thrusters @ 45 lbs

Each item had to be completed as a team, with each person doing at least some of the work, but only one person working at a time. After the horrible run in the scorching sun, the 45-lb barbell couldn’t touch the ground for the remainder of the WOD. (It stands for “workout of the day” in CrossFit lingo.) Our team, “The Superhot Mamas + 1 Guy,” came in third with an exhausting time of 32:30. There were three more events afterwards, but I didn’t participate in those. The group WOD was enough for me, plus my kiddies needed some attention.

Future CrossFitter-in-training, deadlifting the 36-lb kettle bell
Future CrossFitter-in-training, deadlifting the 36-lb kettle bell
Exhausted team
Exhausted team with junior cheerleader
Post-WOD: That's my satisfied "I did it!" smile.
Post-WOD: That’s my “I actually did it!” smile.

I surprised even myself at the enthusiasm I felt for this event. I do CrossFit to stay fit, to get out of the house, and to hang out with great people. Beyond those two days a week that I go, though, I mostly forget about it. I haven’t embodied the whole CrossFit lifestyle philosophy that some of the harder core people do (a.k.a. my husband!). Despite this, there was real appeal in yesterday’s event. A huge part of it is the community of fun people that come to this CrossFit “box.” We might be totally weird for enjoying our exercise so much, but as a sign in the bathroom reminds me every time I’m in there, “Weird is awesome,” and that’s why I just keep going back – sometimes even on Saturdays.

Sweaty but satisfied
A sweaty but satisfied crowd

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