Hot, Sick, and Tired

I’ve been sick for most of the weekend, battling an inexplicable flu that hit me like a freight train on Saturday afternoon. I hardly ever get sick but, when I do, it makes up for all those times when I escape catching other people’s bugs. I spent all of Saturday night wrapped in a quilt, shaking uncontrollably despite the heat and humidity, except for those times when my skin hurt so badly that I had to unwrap myself briefly. Yesterday was a bit better, but I still spent the day lying prostrate on the bed in an awful state of semi-consciousness. I was too exhausted to focus on reading or writing, but not quite tired enough to actually sleep.

Thank goodness for my capable husband who took over all domestic duties with his usual efficiency. Not only did he keep the kids fed and entertained, but he also did all the grocery shopping and baked a loaf of artisanal slow-rise bread! Talk about amazing. Now it’s Monday morning, he’s off to work, and I’m trying to function as normally as possible. So far, it’s going OK.

The weekend did start out well before I got sick. We had a lovely breakfast tea party on Friday with friends.

tea party
I caught this picture in the few brief minutes when all the kids were actually sitting at the table.


My idea of the perfect breakfast, especially when eaten outside.

It is very hot here — the first real days of summer. At 7:30 a.m. this morning, it already felt like 28 degrees Celsius, according to The Weather Network, and that temperature will continue to rise throughout the day. Even though we’re right near the lake with a fabulous beach at our disposal, it’s almost too hot to hang out at the beach during the day in the direct sunlight. Especially since my little boys are as transparently pale as white tissue paper, I have to be really careful about keeping them out of the sun. They turn bright pink instantaneously.

We have air conditioning in the the house but I hate air conditioning. I never use it. I think we turned it on once last summer, but I only lasted 10 minutes before having a claustrophobic attack and insisting we open up all the windows again. Part of my reasoning is that, living here in Ontario, we complain about the cold for most of the year, so why on earth would I impose cold air on myself for the few fleeting days that we actually have true heat? I might as well enjoy it while it lasts, even if it means turning on all the house fans and putting the kids in the outdoor bathtub for a quick cool-down. That being said, I will enjoy summer heat more in a few years, once the kids are bigger and I don’t have to worry about their chubby, sticky, little pink bodies overheating or burning.

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4 thoughts on “Hot, Sick, and Tired

  1. Wow. Thanks for the compliment baby! It’s days like yesterday that really make me realize that you’re Supergirl in disguise. 😉



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