Sufficiently Suffonsified

It’s hard to know when the weekend actually started. All I know is that it was gloriously satisfying — the perfect balance of leisure and activity. (Hopefully that’s a sign that I’m getting a better handle on effective scheduling, but more likely it’s just the way things worked out.) Perhaps Thursday night was the true beginning of the weekend. Jason was on a night shift, so a friend came over for some red wine and popcorn on the front porch. Thursday doesn’t get much better than that, eh?

971706_10151576856729172_1344191927_nOr maybe Friday was the true start, when we attended an elegant outdoor wedding at a spectacular golf course overlooking Georgian Bay. With cocktails on the patio, dinner in a Marquis tent with a view of turquoise water, a dance in the clubhouse, and the most fantastic late-night spread of fried comfort food (think gourmet pizza, poutine, grilled cheese, etc.), it was also a pretty awesome way to kickstart the weekend.



Rebecca, the beautiful bride and my lovely friend
Rebecca, the beautiful bride and my lovely friend

Saturday morning brought an agonizingly early wake-up call: the boys bounced on our bed at 5:45 a.m., so excited to see us after being with a babysitter for most of Friday. Luckily I was able to cash in a “sleep-in IOU”, left over from last weekend, and got an extra hour. Then I got two whole hours alone to get some writing done!

A latte with a peach-ginger scone, still warm from the oven at the back of the café. Pretty much heaven.

I met my friend Christine for lunch and heard enough about her gloriously romantic honeymoon to Bordeaux and Paris to decide that I definitely want our next trip to be to France. (You can read my post about Christine’s wedding here — and be sure to watch that awesome video at the bottom.)

Saturday afternoon found us all at a barbecue, complete with warm sweaters to combat the cool weather, but that didn’t matter. When the food’s delicious and the company’s great, it’s a natural party. My little guys had a blast, as you can tell from these pictures:



Today is Father’s Day. We celebrated by touring another elementary school in our town to research other options for junior kindergarten programs. Just kidding — there was no celebration, but it was still a very helpful and informative experience.

And tonight, I am stuffed to the gills with fantastic Greek food that our friends George and Marina prepared for us this afternoon — platters of charcoal-grilled lamb chops, pork chops, sausages, octopus, salad, spanakopita, lemon-roasted potatoes, marinated radishes, tzatziki. This was their idea of a Sunday barbecue with friends. It was more my idea of a feast. And now it’s 9 p.m. My kids are finally asleep upstairs. Two words describe my physical and psychological state: I am “sufficiently suffonsified.”



3 thoughts on “Sufficiently Suffonsified

  1. I’d like to visit France again. I’ve only been there once but I have extended family who live in the south of France so I’m thinking about a trip there later in the year, before I go back to university. It’s a country which I would like to explore.

  2. Good to tap into your life. Nice weekend. I just sent you an email where you can tap into mine. Love, Jane

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