A Perfect Spring Wedding

My friends Christine and Derek got married just over a week ago. Their wedding was held on a sunny Saturday morning at the Amphitheatre on the Saugeen First Nation reserve. Even though I’ve heard about the spectacular beauty of this spot, I’d never seen it before until I arrived to set up that morning. Against the backdrop of the meandering Saugeen River, with lone fishermen silently casting their lines in the distance and quiet groups of birders making their way along the water’s edge, it was a peaceful and beauty place to have a marriage ceremony.

The musical entertainment fell to yours truly…

That being said, as the official violinist for the ceremony, ‘peacefulness’ is not a word I’d use to describe my end of things. Rather, it was another opportunity to overcome new job site ‘hazards’ that pop up with every gig I do. Welcome to the life of a musician! On this day, I discovered the potential dangers of playing violin while standing on a very tippy rock in extremely high-heeled sandals. In between songs, I tried out another rock, but it was even tippier than the first and I just about fell right over, so I stepped back to the first rock and accepted the fact that I’d have to stand tense, struggling to maintain my balance, for the duration of the ceremony. It was also very cold, but thankfully my violin stayed in tune and my fingers got numb slowly enough that the music wasn’t affected.

The bride arrives with her father

Following the ceremony, we had a brunch reception at the nearby Bruce County museum. Held in a room where a rug-hooking exhibition was taking place and created a lovely backdrop, Christine and her maid of honour Laura had done an incredible job decorating the tables using assorted pieces of fine china that they’d hunted down at garage sales. It was, as Christine described, “a Pinterest dream.” I love the look of mixed-and-matched china, instead of the uniform white that so often dominates wedding tables. Elegant, antique china gives beauty, colour, warmth, and texture to the eye.


Tea in a real tea cup! Imagine that.
Tea in a real tea cup! 
Nothing says spring like a big yellow daffodil. I loved these flowers.

The brunch was one of the best meals I’ve ever had at a wedding. It was catered by The Green Door Café and was a fully Paleo meal (grain-free). I devoured the sweet potato lasagna, asparagus in Hollandaise sauce, a divine fig-and-prosciutto salad, and a big piece of goat-cheese-ham frittata. Laura made several wonderful grain-free wedding cakes. I had a piece of the lemon-strawberry cake and, though I could hardly stuff it in (thank god for a loose dress!), it was the perfect finish. Christine and Derek had also carefully selected local wines, beers, and hard cider for the open bar. 

Following speeches, the bride and groom had a fun surprise for all us guests. You MUST take a moment to check out this incredible movie they made highlighting the many challenges involved with getting to the church on time. 

Now they are in France for a gloriously romantic honeymoon involving chateaux and vineyards in Aquitaine. (Yes, I’m slightly envious…) I wish Derek and Christine all the best in their married life ahead. They already make a great couple and I have no doubt their marriage will be filled with much laughter, great food, fabulous trips, and funny stories. Congratulations, you two!

Photo: via Facebook
You did it! (Photo: via Facebook)

5 thoughts on “A Perfect Spring Wedding

  1. Very nice video!!! Congratulations to Christine and Derek! Thank you, Katherine, for writting about the wedding.

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