Spring has sprung in my soul!

“Is the spring coming?” he asked. “What is it like?”
“It is the sun shining on the rain, and the rain falling on the sunshine.”  — Frances Hodgson Burnett (The Secret Garden)

My lethargy has vanished. I think my body was just in hibernation until May started and then, bam, I’m feeling so energetic this morning that I can hardly contain myself. I leaped out of bed at 5:30 a.m. after lying awake listening to the birds singing outside the open window. Then I tiptoed into the boys’ room to make sure they were covered up and closed their blinds, since the sun was already beginning to pour in their east-facing window. I crept downstairs, sat down with a cup of orange pekoe tea, and wrote today’s post for Parentables while watching people stroll past walking their dogs or out for a jog — all before 6 a.m.

And you know what the best thing about this morning was? A big, nasty spider did not drop from ceiling and run across my laptop like one did yesterday. Considering my arachnophobia, I remained fairly calm, swallowed my instinctive scream of fear, and used a pen to flick it as far away from the desk as possible. But now I can’t stop wondering where it is, unwelcome in some crevice of my house, ready to jump out at me again when I least expect it.

My newfound energy, combined with the bright sunshine and warm weather, made it easy to be efficient this morning. I fed the kids, ate bacon and eggs while reading my new issue of Fine Cooking, took out the recycling, did all the breakfast dishes and swept the floor, put on a load of laundry, made a latte, and tidied the bedrooms, all by the time I had to leave for nursery school drop-off at 8:45. And then I cranked up a Latin reggae CD and bopped along, singing, as I drove. The boys stared in disbelief from the back seat.

On the way, I stopped at the bank to deposit my first-ever cheque for an article printed in a paper publication. (I’ll be posting the article shortly.) I do get paid as an online writer, but there’s something supremely satisfying about the officiousness of paper because it says that people are willing to pay me not only to write for them, but also to read my stuff, since they buy the publication. At the same time, I was reminded of how lucky I am to have a husband with a good job because freelance writing certainly doesn’t pay the bills! If I lived off the money I earn with writing, I’d be living in a tent, sustained by day-old bread and water, not to mention writing on scraps of old paper with a dull pencil.

And then, just to make life even better today, I’ve been approached by the editors of Geez, the publication I wrote that article for, and was asked to be part of a panel discussion about their feminist PerSisters issue in Toronto next weekend. I’m not quite sure what I’m getting myself into, but I answered with an enthusiastic, “Yes!” and danced around the room.

A glorious scamper along the beach this past weekend
A glorious scamper along the beach this past weekend

3 thoughts on “Spring has sprung in my soul!

  1. I feel better during the sunshine as well. I tried to find the “GEEZ” magazine,but I haven’t yet. I did not check Indigo or Chapters. Please let me know, where I should look. Thanks

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