Some Good Things

Note to self: Never accept a cup of strong coffee at 9 p.m. no matter how tired I’m feeling, unless I want to party all night, which is highly unlikely, and will probably result in me tossing and turning in bed for hours before getting up to work and read in the middle of the night. That leaves me in the state I am right now — slightly zombie-like, with eyelids that are puffy and fuzzy and threatening imminent collapse. Thank god Thursday is my kid-free morning, so the brisk walk to deliver them to my friend’s house helped immensely, as does the extra caffeine I’ve forced myself to ingest, but currently caffeine and I are not on good terms.

In my awful middle-of-the-night state of awakeness, I enjoyed Carrie Snyder’s recent post about blogging being a form of meditation for her. It’s a scrapbook of sorts, a place to collect thoughts and develop them. I’m going to run with the scrapbook idea today and gather up bits and pieces of what’s making me happy these days. After all, I’m needing to remind myself of these special things, considering my grumpy exhausted condition.

1. My upcoming concert! I’m the lead violinist in a string quartet that will be performing the Easter portion of Handel’s Messiah this Saturday night. It’s exciting to feel myself immersed in a classical music world once again, since that used to be such a large part of my life as a child and teenager, but something I’ve moved away from ever since I decided not to pursue violin professionally. The music is easy, mathematical in its precision, and just plain beautiful. And I do love being first violin 😉

No, this isn’t the quartet — just a wedding gig I did last year.

2. The exquisite day. Pure, unadulterated, sexy sunshine is flooding the world today. Snow is melting, slowly but surely, and I spotted the first two robins of the year as I walked the boys to their babysitter’s house this morning. (“Robin Hood?” A. inquired.) There were even some brave snowdrops poking their heads up in one lawn we passed. Please know you’re appreciated and admired, little snowdrops!


3.  Conversations about birth. I know it sounds random, but two of my friends are expecting soon and we were discussing midwifery last night. I even felt my friend’s baby in utero, massaging her belly carefully in search of little bony bumps, and it was positively thrilling. Then someone else emailed me about her midwifery application, asking about my experience applying to the same program (yes, two failed attempts, but it’s still a longterm goal of mine), and it just got me thinking about the wonder and magic of natural childbirth. Midwifery gets me so excited.

My baby, who's not such a baby anymore but once was, as this photo proves!
My baby, who’s not such a baby anymore but once was, as this photo proves!

It will be a good day, sleepless night notwithstanding.


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