The thrill of seeing my name in print

This is a very exciting day for me. I stopped at the mailbox on the way home from the park and, sure enough, the latest issue of Geez magazine had arrived. Not only is this my absolute favourite publication ever, but this time it included an article written by none other than … me! This is momentous because it’s the first time I’ve ever been ‘officially’ published on paper. My pitch was accepted by the Geez editorial team and I was hired to write this article, which I called “Wanted: Pro-lifers who babysit.”

I can’t describe the thrill I felt as I sat in my car, the kids patiently waiting in their carseats as I opened the cover. There was my name in the table of contents. I flipped to my own article, and there it was in front of me, in real print. I shrieked with excitement and waved the issue at the kids. They blinked obediently and A. asked when we were going home to eat our meat pies. Oh right, the meat pies. Back to reality, but that’s okay — I’m still flying high. Especially because Geez has accepted my pitch for their next issue about homeschooling, as well. Life is looking good for this writer right now.



19 thoughts on “The thrill of seeing my name in print

  1. I’m totally frustrated because they supposidly have the magazine online, but there is no access to your article!

    1. Actually, they don’t really have the magazine online — just a few posts, I think. I’ll post the article I wrote in a little while. I just want to give it a few weeks first!

  2. Of course they’ll be accepting your pitches for years! This is just the start. The article looks fab and the magazine too. Massive congratulations and beaming smiles from me to you.XX

  3. I loved your article – I haven’t yet finished the issue. That is the beauty of Geez – it deserves to be read cover to cover but it takes more than one sitting!

  4. The great thing about being in print is that you can show it to your grandma and they get it that you are a real writer. But the fact is you are writing really fabulous stuff and getting better all the time. (the other great thing is that they pay better) Congratulations; I suspect there will be a lot more of these gigs.

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