Handwrite A Love Letter To Your Spouse This Valentine’s Day

Photo: Julie Edgley/CC
Photo: Julie Edgley/CC

Ditch the Hallmark card and take a few minutes instead to handwrite a love letter to your spouse. A paper letter sealed in an envelope is a beautiful, permanent expression of love that is becoming rare in today’s typing- and texting-obsessed world. That doesn’t mean, though, that we humans have lost the ability to appreciate a real letter or take delight in seeing our spouse’s familiar (or perhaps not so familiar!) handwriting carefully shaped on paper. A true love letter benefits both people in the relationship…

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5 thoughts on “Handwrite A Love Letter To Your Spouse This Valentine’s Day

  1. I love this thought. I’ve never really celebrated Valentine’s Day and wasn’t planning on doing so this year (apart from sending the mandatory cards and candy to my son’s preschool), but this makes me think there might be something I can do . . . not for the day necessarily, but because I’d like to do it. Thank you for sharing this. I still have several hours of work today, but I’m going to begin composing my letter in my head now.

  2. I love hand written notes, (not in my own handwriting though, it is terrible to read). I have a valentine letter from my late husband. His hand writing was/is beautiful. I come across it every so often and I think of him, writing the message to me. Love is never ending.

    1. What a beautiful tangible memory to have. You’re lucky! I do miss seeing people’s handwriting because they can be associated with their writing, yet now everything is typed so it’s rare to see anyone’s personality come through their writing in any way.

  3. So true. I have all my late sisters letters and the handwriting makes them special. We both lived far apart from each other for our adult lives and always wrote.
    I did type them up a few years ago, planning to give my brother-in-law copies, but she definitely disappeared a bit in the typing. Her handwriting is so awful and her spelling so bad that they really make me laugh. Also things like pens running out, or letters being written in snatches, over days, because she was running about after her boys – all those little quirks disappear in print. 🙂

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